Houston……We Have Lift-Off

Space Disco is this year’s Christmas concept at Petter Pharmacy in Crouch End, London.

The Creative Download VM Team have had such fun designing, sourcing and installing this concept.

As with most Christmas windows/concepts, the initial ideas started in February. We wanted to move away from the more traditional Christmas colours of reds, greens and golds and give the pharmacy store a modern twist using whites, silvers and blues including lots of blue glitter fabric.

The feedback has been superb and the use of subtle disco lights certainly make people stop and look. It is great to work with an independent retailer who values the importance of visual merchandising and having their windows professionally dressed.

Time to start thinking about next Christmas!

To see how Creative Download can help push your business forward in terms of Visual Merchandising and Window Concepts then do drop us an email: hello@creative-download.co.uk

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