Project Earth – Selfridges

Selfridges has launched a new sustainability initiative – Project Earth.

Project Earth wants to reinvent retail by working together with brand partners to address the materials used in products to shop sustainably, according to Selfridges. Anne Pitcher, Selfridges Group Managing Director said in a statement: “We firmly believe evolving the way we do business and supporting change in the way people shop is essential to building a more sustainable business”

Sustainability sits at the heart of the business and the store. It is an ambitious new sustainability project, which asks brands to meet strict new sourcing standards.

By 2025, the most environmentally impactful materials used throughout the business will come from certified, sustainable sources. In line with this, Selfridges aims that by 2030, they are going to reduce the carbon impact of their purchased goods by 30 percent from a 2018/2019 baseline. Selfridges is also in partnership with The Woodland Trust, WWF and Zoological Society of London.

Selfridges is committed to responsible sourcing, so you have the power to make more sustainable choices. By working closely with their brand partners, they find the best sustainable products. Shopping our Project Earth collections is just one small way customers can make a difference too. Let’s change the way we shop.

Selfridges Project Earth campaign continues in the stunning Food hall with hanging graphics educating customers about the campaign.

The main focal point as you walk through the Food Hall is the well-stocked fixtures of gourmet delights. The range has been handmade by artisans and designed with sustainability in mind.

From vegan recipes including Bakery to Super Seaweed to Earth-Conscious Coffee & Chocolate. It’s a feast!

Join the store to discover the most exciting design innovations, retail concepts and thought-provoking ideas in sustainability, as they launch a series of new commitments set to radically change our business with the launch of Project Earth. From online events to inspiring interviews and positive everyday solutions – discover it all at Selfridges.

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London’s new “Homeware Destination”

London’s new ‘Homeware Destination’ has arrived!

Harrods, London’s iconic department store, has transformed the entire 3rd Floor of the store into the UK’s largest interiors showcase.

This store overhaul is part of the four year £200m plus covering 160,000 sq ft showcasing 138 brands from Britain, Europe and further afield.

So many boutiques and so much merchandise all under one roof makes for easy and inspiring homeware shopping across many price categories. There are familiar High Street Brands such as The White Company to cool, flash and funny designer favourite Fornasetti, through to Linley, Meissen, Wedgwood, Etro and Dior to name a few.

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Foodhalls creating Retail Theatre

Given these unprecedented times in retail, many department stores have a brisk trade in their Foodhalls.  While the lure of window displays and browsing the fashion and home floors of a department store is exciting, there is one area of the store that is must visit – The Foodhall & Wine Shop.

This department play an integral part of the success any store.  Whether you are purchasing  a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, or something sumptuous for supper, Foodhalls within department stores generate serious revenue for the business. Most of these stores will produce their own label/branded goods and the most famous is Fortnum & Mason in London. Products include Tea, Coffee, Biscuits, Jams and their famous honey from the beehives situated on the roof of this iconic London store.

We all know that the London stores such as Harrods, Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason have superb Foodhalls, but how many of us are aware of the stunning Foodhalls in stores around the world such as Jemoli in Zurich, Printemps in Paris, Ka De We in Berlin and Woolworths in Cape Town, to name just a few.

While many people would not associate Visual Merchandising with a Foodhall or Wine Shop, during my career as VM Manager at Selfridges in London, I oversaw the Foodhall & Wine Shop where we used to create some stunning concepts and promotions. Good Visual Merchandising is not only confined to the latest fashion trend or home accessory. You can even make Food look exciting and sexy! Creating retail theatre is not only for store windows.

More recently, I was involved with the launch of Habitat by Honest Bee in Singapore.  The On-line grocery company were launching Habitat, a unique 60,000 sq. ft food wonderland. Their first bricks & mortar store. The business model was a multi-sensory, tech-meets-food grocery and dining experience like no other; see, smell, hear, touch and taste fresh flavours and food items from across the globe. Customers would scan the item on their iPhone and pay using their iPhone.

In addition to this many food retailers now include a Coffee Shop and sometimes restaurant within their Foodhalls. These include Dean & Deluca,  Jones The Grocer and Eataly.

Here is a selection of photographs from my files. So next time you visit a department store, go and visit the Foodhall & Wine Shop.

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The richness of Autumn

As we slowly reach the latter part of 2020, Autumn is just around the corner.

The warm Autumn has richer and darker colouring: rich coffee, golden brown, camel, reds with yellow or orange undertones, emerald, teal, yellow gold, medium olive green, mixed with intense hues of berries and bark.

The richness expected from Autumn is definitely on trend, given the merchandise I am seeing in the various stores in both Home/Interior and fashion categories.

If you’re a fan of Scandinavian design, then this is something you should try and experiment with as woven textures are often used to bring softness into Nordic interiors.

As we approach the end of Summer, retailers need to prepare their stores for this new season. Given the recent lockdown, it is paramount to have that all-important newness to create a fresh ambience for those ‘must have’ purchases.

Here are some of ideas of Autumn home interior and fashion merchandising for your store.

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