Spring is in the air!

Given the current weather in the UK recently, Spring is definitely in the air. The temperature is rising, the birds are singing and the sun is starting to shine!

Over the years, Visual Merchandising incorporating floral displays has been a popular tactic to bring shops and department stores to life. There are many ways to be creative in catching the attention of the shoppers.  In the world of retail, snap decisions account for half of all purchases, so the eye appeal of a window display can really influence whether a shopper chooses to buy or not. 

The effect of a visually stunning commercial window concept/display is of a round the clock advert for our business. Many retailers use flowers/foliage to add interest to their windows and build their unique brand, attracting customers as well as promoting the merchandise. Many window designers are creating stunning backdrops out of card, paper and other materials.  


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KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Euro Shop – Dusseldorf

It’s staggering to think how much has changed over the past twelve months. Myself and a couple of colleagues attended Euro-Shop in February 2020. Euro-Shop is one of the greatest and exciting Retail & Visual Merchandising trade shows. It was obvious that attendance was lower than usual, and many exhibitors had pulled out of the show. Little did we know that the Corona Virus would certainly take a grip on the whole world. 

2020 was certainly a tough year for retail, but many retailers have ‘battled on’ and there is now light at the end of the road. 

Many clients of Creative Download are feeling positive and it is great to work with them to develop new concepts for 2021 which include Christmas. They recognise the importance of Visual Merchandising and Store Presentation and that it is remains a key element to their business and the commercial value it brings. 

The Euro-Shop exhibition is held every 3 years and it is a great way to network and see the latest innovations that suppliers from around the world are showcasing. Here is just a small selection of the hundreds of photographs taken during the visit.

Looking forward to Euro-Shop in Dusseldorf in 2023!


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The art of Colour Blocking

As we know the Covid pandemic around the world has certainly had a devastating effect on the retail industry. While we are now seeing the light at end of this crisis, here are some great images of fun and colourful window concepts to cheer us up!

Colour blocking has been a daring and transformative trend since Piet Mondrian’s early 1900s debut of neoplasticism. In its evolution through the 1960s mod style and Andy Warhol’s classic Pop Art, colour blocking has become most widely known as an artistic tool that utilizes bold and bright colours in many of the store windows.

Today, colour blocking of products in the stores is one of the simplest ways to add visual impact and one of the basics in Visual Merchandising. From shirts, towels, fruit and tins of paint, products can be displayed in an eye-catching and practical way. Here’s a selection of photographs that certainly make an impact with the use of bright bold colours.

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