Project Earth – Selfridges

Selfridges has launched a new sustainability initiative – Project Earth.

Project Earth wants to reinvent retail by working together with brand partners to address the materials used in products to shop sustainably, according to Selfridges. Anne Pitcher, Selfridges Group Managing Director said in a statement: “We firmly believe evolving the way we do business and supporting change in the way people shop is essential to building a more sustainable business”

Sustainability sits at the heart of the business and the store. It is an ambitious new sustainability project, which asks brands to meet strict new sourcing standards.

By 2025, the most environmentally impactful materials used throughout the business will come from certified, sustainable sources. In line with this, Selfridges aims that by 2030, they are going to reduce the carbon impact of their purchased goods by 30 percent from a 2018/2019 baseline. Selfridges is also in partnership with The Woodland Trust, WWF and Zoological Society of London.

Selfridges is committed to responsible sourcing, so you have the power to make more sustainable choices. By working closely with their brand partners, they find the best sustainable products. Shopping our Project Earth collections is just one small way customers can make a difference too. Let’s change the way we shop.

Selfridges Project Earth campaign continues in the stunning Food hall with hanging graphics educating customers about the campaign.

The main focal point as you walk through the Food Hall is the well-stocked fixtures of gourmet delights. The range has been handmade by artisans and designed with sustainability in mind.

From vegan recipes including Bakery to Super Seaweed to Earth-Conscious Coffee & Chocolate. It’s a feast!

Join the store to discover the most exciting design innovations, retail concepts and thought-provoking ideas in sustainability, as they launch a series of new commitments set to radically change our business with the launch of Project Earth. From online events to inspiring interviews and positive everyday solutions – discover it all at Selfridges.

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