Beauty Pop Art

As the UK came out of the Covid Lockdown and retailers re-opened, it was vital to create eye catching window concepts. A fun and quirky Pop Art concept featuring beauty images was installed by the Creative Download VM Team into a chain of independently owned pharmacy stores. Petter Pharmacy in Crouch End, London remained opened during the lockdown as they were classed as an essential retailer.

“It’s great working for an independent business who appreciate that the windows are vital to the success of any retail business” says Iain Kimmins – Owner/Founder of Creative Download.

“Given the tough trading conditions that retail has faced, it is paramount that store windows are fun and exciting for customers as there is nothing quite like a bit of retail theatre” Iain continues. “It demonstrates that you don’t always need a lot of props. Simple A3 graphics with colour coordinated columns and floor panels together with tight product groupings will create retail theatre. Any retailer working on a tight budget can achieve the wow factor with their windows”

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Next Home Store

Fosse Park in Leicester has been undergoing a revolution in retail with new stores opening their doors at the shopping complex, which is situated just off the M1 Motorway.

Next has launched a new Fashion & Home Store which is a ‘must visit’. With its towering glass and granite structure, the Next Store certainly makes a statement within the retail park.

Next rose in the 1980’s as a leading fashion retailer but the brand is now expanding into the home interior market. Shoppers can browse the extensive fashion area together with the beautifully visual presented home interiors departments while enjoying coffee and cake from the in-store Costa Coffee Shop.

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Venus De Milo

During the UK Covid Lockdown, many non-essential retailers had to close. Shops such as Foodstores and Pharmacy stores remained open.

With any retail store, it is vital to ensure that the window concepts are regularly changed and that they look fresh, clean and inviting. There is nothing worse that seeing cobwebs or dead flies in the window display.

During the lockdown, the Creative Download VM team installed a Mother’s Day concept featuring Venus De Milo into an independently owned chain of pharmacy stores in London. Venus De Milo is the Greek goddess of fertility and female beauty. This was a great concept to design and install using large graphics with superb product groupings and foliage.

The owners of this pharmacy chain recognise the importance of good visual merchandising in terms of eye-catching windows to attract passing customers. It’s all about creating retail theatre and giving the customer a memorable shopping experience.

Concept designed and installed by Creative Download.

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We all love Stationery!

As we come out of lockdown and retail returns to some sort of normality, the Creative Download VM blog is restarting.

Did you know that last week was National Stationery Week? It has been a week all about the act of writing by hand. The digital age was meant to put an end to paper, but we still can’t get enough of pens, notepads, files, folders and desk gadgets. We all have a favourite journal and many people enjoy a browse around a good stationery shop for notepads, pens and desk accessories.

Pre-Covid, stores such as John Lewis and Liberty reported a rise in sales in their Stationery Departments. In fact, Liberty has a dedicated stationery hall in response to demand. In addition to this the luxury brand Smython is the place to be seen for beautiful stationery and accessories and their stunning window concepts reflects this.

When it comes to shop windows, stationery is not a product medium we see much of on our High Street or Shopping Malls, however it is very popular.

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The use of plants in retail shops/stores

This week we focus on how plants and floral can improve the in-store presentation of any shop/store, particularly independent retailers. 

Retailers are always looking for opportunities to create a better shopping experience for their customers. Creating a shopping experience that customers enjoy is paramount to the success of any retail business. Ensuring the retail space is inviting and a place where the customer feels at ease builds loyalty and improves the likelihood of return visits. 

By incorporating plants/floral display, it brings shops and department stores to life. It has a profound effect on a retail space’s ability to deliver a great customer experience. The use of plants can certainly improve people’s mood and increases human energy levels. 

There are many ways to be creative in catching the attention of the shoppers.  In the world of retail, snap decisions account for half of all purchases, so the eye appeal of a window display can really influence whether a shopper chooses to buy or not.

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Spring is in the air!

Given the current weather in the UK recently, Spring is definitely in the air. The temperature is rising, the birds are singing and the sun is starting to shine!

Over the years, Visual Merchandising incorporating floral displays has been a popular tactic to bring shops and department stores to life. There are many ways to be creative in catching the attention of the shoppers.  In the world of retail, snap decisions account for half of all purchases, so the eye appeal of a window display can really influence whether a shopper chooses to buy or not. 

The effect of a visually stunning commercial window concept/display is of a round the clock advert for our business. Many retailers use flowers/foliage to add interest to their windows and build their unique brand, attracting customers as well as promoting the merchandise. Many window designers are creating stunning backdrops out of card, paper and other materials.

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KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Euro Shop – Dusseldorf

It’s staggering to think how much has changed over the past twelve months. Myself and a couple of colleagues attended Euro-Shop in February 2020. Euro-Shop is one of the greatest and exciting Retail & Visual Merchandising trade shows. It was obvious that attendance was lower than usual, and many exhibitors had pulled out of the show. Little did we know that the Corona Virus would certainly take a grip on the whole world. 

2020 was certainly a tough year for retail, but many retailers have ‘battled on’ and there is now light at the end of the road. 

Many clients of Creative Download are feeling positive and it is great to work with them to develop new concepts for 2021 which include Christmas. They recognise the importance of Visual Merchandising and Store Presentation and that it is remains a key element to their business and the commercial value it brings. 

The Euro-Shop exhibition is held every 3 years and it is a great way to network and see the latest innovations that suppliers from around the world are showcasing. Here is just a small selection of the hundreds of photographs taken during the visit.

Looking forward to Euro-Shop in Dusseldorf in 2023!

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The art of Colour Blocking

As we know the Covid pandemic around the world has certainly had a devastating effect on the retail industry. While we are now seeing the light at end of this crisis, here are some great images of fun and colourful window concepts to cheer us up!

Colour blocking has been a daring and transformative trend since Piet Mondrian’s early 1900s debut of neoplasticism. In its evolution through the 1960s mod style and Andy Warhol’s classic Pop Art, colour blocking has become most widely known as an artistic tool that utilizes bold and bright colours in many of the store windows.

Today, colour blocking of products in the stores is one of the simplest ways to add visual impact and one of the basics in Visual Merchandising. From shirts, towels, fruit and tins of paint, products can be displayed in an eye-catching and practical way. Here’s a selection of photographs that certainly make an impact with the use of bright bold colours.

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Digital StillCamera

Time to push your Visual Merchandising career?

It’s interesting to see old photographs of department store window displays from the years gone by. 

Window concepts have certainly moved forward, and Visual Merchandising has never been so important for the retail industry. It’s all about creating retail theatre and giving customers that all important customer experience and memorable visit to a store. 

The British Display Society is one of the few VM/Educational organisations dedicated to the VM Industry.  BDS Members range from Freelancers to VM Professionals and Head of VM for a store or brand.

In addition to this the BDS offers a Centre of Excellence Award to colleges around the world that operate VM courses so VM students can become a Member of the BDS together with the college lecturers. 

The British Display Society is pleased to announce the launch of a new and exciting On-Line Distance VM Course for 2021. The course includes: History of VM & Display, Brand Identity, VM techniques and Signage. 

This is an excellent opportunity to push your VM career or maybe you are thinking of pursuing a career in Visual Merchandising. 

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Love is in the air.

Apologies for the Creative Download VM blog not being compiled and sent out on a regular basis over the past couple of months.

It was quite a busy time for Creative Download in October and November with the installation of many Christmas concepts then forward planning for concepts for 2021. 

As many of you are aware, the UK is currently in lockdown with many non-essential retailers closing their doors until the UK government gives retailers the green light to reopen. 

Usually at this time of year, many retailers would be installing Valentines, but given the “stay at home” message from the government, this is not happening.  

To get us in the ‘love’ mood and to lift our spirits, here are some great images of Valentine windows from our files. 

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