The Importance of Visual Merchandising

Creative Download was recently approached by Craft Co-op to give a talk/presentation about the importance of Visual Merchandising.

As a social enterprise business, Craft Co-op gives over 200 local craftspeople the opportunity to trade in a High Street location. It provides business and social support, while working with various charities and other organisations both in the retail shops and off-site, and helps bring vitality to town centres.

Craft Co-op have retail shops in Maidenhead, Camberley, High Wycombe and Windsor which opened in April 2021.

The day started in Windsor with a talk/presentation to various members of staff/craftspeople across their four sites. This was held in Rex Bakery in Windsor with superb coffee, cakes and pastries! The presentation showcased the work of Creative Download , my work as Chair of The British Display Society, together with some basic advice and tips to ensure a great looking store in terms of Visual Merchandising, Store Layout and Product Adjacencies.

Afterwards, we walked over to their Windsor store, where I gave ‘hands-on’ tips and advice/guidance given at the talk.

The day was a huge success and this gave the craftspeople more confidence in not only selling their own products but the way products are showcased to their potential customer.

For further information on how Creative Download can drive your retail business forward, visit our website:

In this tough market, retailers need to create the right shopping environment that reflects their Brand/Stores to ensure that all important customer experience. From Shop Fronts to Window Displays to Interior Visual Merchandising, Product Layout and Focal Points around the store, Creative Download will ensure that creativity is balanced with the commercial requirements of your business. Creative Download is based in the UK although our clients are across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

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