Eataly – London

If you are an avid fan of Italian food and wine then head to the new Eataly Food Store situated just outside London’s Liverpool Street station.

This two floor 42,000 square foot store combines hospitality and retail, with restaurants, bars, coffee shop and an Italian deli. Just past the coffee shop is La Via Del Dolce (The sweet shop). This is well stocked to cater for the sweet tooth in us, but I couldn’t help thinking that it was more Arabic looking with the fixtures and lighting than Italian.

Upstairs is the true shoppers delight with an abundance of wines, pasta, cheeses, meats and zero waste products. I visited on a Saturday and the store was rammed with customers, which is good for business, so it was a struggle to browse everything leisurely.

It is a great place to meet someone for coffee or stock up on your favourite Italian food but coming from a Visual Merchandising background, I felt that it lacked retail theatre.

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