Venus De Milo

During the UK Covid Lockdown, many non-essential retailers had to close. Shops such as Foodstores and Pharmacy stores remained open.

With any retail store, it is vital to ensure that the window concepts are regularly changed and that they look fresh, clean and inviting. There is nothing worse that seeing cobwebs or dead flies in the window display.

During the lockdown, the Creative Download VM team installed a Mother’s Day concept featuring Venus De Milo into an independently owned chain of pharmacy stores in London. Venus De Milo is the Greek goddess of fertility and female beauty. This was a great concept to design and install using large graphics with superb product groupings and foliage.

The owners of this pharmacy chain recognise the importance of good visual merchandising in terms of eye-catching windows to attract passing customers. It’s all about creating retail theatre and giving the customer a memorable shopping experience.

Concept designed and installed by Creative Download.

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