We all love Stationery!

As we come out of lockdown and retail returns to some sort of normality, the Creative Download VM blog is restarting.

Did you know that last week was National Stationery Week? It has been a week all about the act of writing by hand. The digital age was meant to put an end to paper, but we still can’t get enough of pens, notepads, files, folders and desk gadgets. We all have a favourite journal and many people enjoy a browse around a good stationery shop for notepads, pens and desk accessories.

Pre-Covid, stores such as John Lewis and Liberty reported a rise in sales in their Stationery Departments. In fact, Liberty has a dedicated stationery hall in response to demand. In addition to this the luxury brand Smython is the place to be seen for beautiful stationery and accessories and their stunning window concepts reflects this.

When it comes to shop windows, stationery is not a product medium we see much of on our High Street or Shopping Malls, however it is very popular.

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