The use of plants in retail shops/stores

This week we focus on how plants and floral can improve the in-store presentation of any shop/store, particularly independent retailers. 

Retailers are always looking for opportunities to create a better shopping experience for their customers. Creating a shopping experience that customers enjoy is paramount to the success of any retail business. Ensuring the retail space is inviting and a place where the customer feels at ease builds loyalty and improves the likelihood of return visits. 

By incorporating plants/floral display, it brings shops and department stores to life. It has a profound effect on a retail space’s ability to deliver a great customer experience. The use of plants can certainly improve people’s mood and increases human energy levels. 

There are many ways to be creative in catching the attention of the shoppers.  In the world of retail, snap decisions account for half of all purchases, so the eye appeal of a window display can really influence whether a shopper chooses to buy or not.

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