The Selfridges Christmas shop is more sustainable than ever!

In previous years, Selfridges have been scorned by the public and the media for opening a Christmas Shop in mid-August. This made commercial sense due to the volume of stock they buy and also to cater to the overseas tourists. Sadly, with Covid this is slightly different this year. 

This year, the Christmas Shop opened mid-October. In 2020 many people have sustainability on their minds and Selfridges mission is to be kinder to the planet which was at the forefront of their planning of the Christmas shop.

A majority of the products available in the Christmas shop – Crackers, Decorations, Cards and Gift Wrap is sustainably sourced. They are calling this the largest sustainable collection on the UK High Street.

The decorations are from forest-friendly plastic-free, made from recycled materials. 

It is an excellent way to shop for those baubles and decorations you crave for whist being kind to the planet. This is part of the on-going store wide campaign entitled Project Earth. 

It looks like a very sustainable Christmas!

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