Loewe at Liberty of London

The Spanish Luxury brand Loewe are showcasing their range of Candles and Home Fragrance in the windows and in a Pop-Up Shop at Liberty of London. 

Founded in 1846 this brand specialises in leather goods, fashion, perfume and fashion accessories. 

Each window has been dedicated to a particular fragrance: Juniper Berry, Honey Suckle, Tomato, Cypress Balls, Ivy, Oregano, luscious pea and even Marihuana. With a graphic on the back wall and simple effective columns to highlight the merchandise. 

The Pop-Up shop is a spacious area on the 1st Floor of this iconic London store with a single cabinet showcasing the candles and home fragrance collection. To highlight the Pop-Up Shop, the area has been filled with fresh plants and foliage, which softens the Pop-Up shop. 

These retail event spaces create theatre, create a fun place to shop and generate new customers, while building Brand awareness. This is a great opportunity for a Brand to educate customers, as well as connect with customers who normally shop on-line.

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