Bringing foliage & greenery into Visual Merchandising.

Over the years, Visual Merchandising incorporating floral displays has been a popular tactic to bring shops and department stores to life. There are many ways to be creative in catching the attention of the shoppers.  In the world of retail, snap decisions account for half of all purchases, so the eye appeal of a window display can really influence whether a shopper chooses to buy or not. 

The effect of a visually stunning commercial window concept/display is of a round the clock advert for our business. Many retailers use flowers/foliage to add interest to their windows and build their unique brand, attracting customers as well as promoting the merchandise. Many window designers are creating stunning backdrops out of card, paper and other materials.  Anthropologie is a great example of using creativity with its oversize flowers, leaves and foliage in their store windows. 

Here in London, during the famous Chelsea Flower Show (held each May) the retail shops/stores in Sloane Street, Sloane Square, and The Kings Road are resplendent in floral displays, which are simply stunning.

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