Summer & Tropical Holidays

Creative Download is back on Social Media, and despite updates on Instagram and Facebook, we felt it was not the right time to be compiling the weekly blog.

We are sure that many people have been enjoying home life during lockdown. This has been a very productive time for Creative Download with finalising Christmas concepts, tidying up old files on the Mac Books and planning Valentine and Chinese New Year concepts for 2021.

Thankfully our retail clients have started to re-open, so it has been good to freshen up their shop windows and in-store visual merchandising presentation.

Let’s start the blog thinking of summer and tropical holidays.

Tropical is by no means a new trend in interiors & fashion and is definitely one of the key looks for Spring/Summer.

Think lush tropical greenery and palm trees with colonial rattan and then add splashes of colour with vibrant cockatoos and mix it with gold pineapples and insects for a real dazzle of sunshine.

Everything from palm leaves, pineapples to exotic flowers and flamingos are serving a reflection of the unsettled storm-to-sunshine weather we have been having.

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